GLOV On-The-Go Makeup Removing Mitt Cheeky Peach

OnTheGo Makeup Remover for All Skin Types Cheeky Peach

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GLOV On-The-Go Makeup Remover Cheeky Peach



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Easy and quick yet gentle and effective cleansing without the need of a cleanser - all you need is water to activate the fibers of the GLOV cleansing mitt. Convenient and lightweight - perfect for travel or for everyday use.

The GLOV makeup removing cleansing mitt is made with innovative microfibers that remove all kinds of make up, even waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The fibers are 30 times thinner than a cotton pad and 100 times thinner than a human hair and their electrostatic abilities absorb makeup, dirt and excess oil like a magnet. The GLOV fibers are antibacterial and have a gentle peeling effect. It is recommended to replace the GLOV after about 3 months of use.

GLOV is perfect for every skin type – even the most sensitive.

Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.


Moisten GLOV with water. Press GLOV to skin for a moment and rub gently in circular motions to remove makeup. Wash with GLOV Magnet Cleanser or a bar of soap after every use and hang up to dry.


70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide.


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