Massage Sponge Soap: Issey Men

Massage Sponge Soap Issey Men

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Handmade Massage Sponge Soap Issey Men



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United Kingdom



11.90 €

Product description

Wonderfully scented and foaming massage sponge soap for men. A woody aquatic fragrance with a Japanese citron top note. The middle note is spicy and woody, the blend of nutmeg and water lily introduces a restless unpredictable edge. The base note is an intense woody tobacco, amber and sandalwood providing this fragrance with an invigorating deep rooted crisp sensation.

- Effectively cleanses and exfoliates skin
- Improves circulation
- Helps reduce “orange peel syndrome” caused by cellulite
- Estimated to last for about 10 to 12 weeks of use
- Use within 36 months after first use
- Handmade


Massage onto damp body skin and rinse. Use the base of the soap to create a rich, luxurious lather or the top to effectively exfoliate and massage the skin.



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