Bio Spa Aloe Vera Gel 180ml Tube

Bio Spa  Aloe Vera Gel 180ml Tube

Area of use:

Face; body;


Suitable for all ages;

Final result:

Soothes; reduces skin irritation, redness and inflammation;

Additional effect:

Reduces swelling, instantly relieves pain, a quick healing effect;

Skin problem:

Burns caused by fire or sun;

Original name:

Sea of Spa Bio Spa Aloe Vera Gel


Sea of Spa

Item number:


Country of origin:




9.90 €

Product description

Natural gel extracted from the Aloe Vera plant by Sea of Spa, enriched with vital Dead Sea minerals. Instantly soothes and calms red and irritated skin. Relieves jock itch, insect bites and burns caused by either fire or over exposure to the sun. The Aloe Vera Gel moisturizes and refreshes the skin. A must have product in every home!


Apply on desirable areas when necessary. Recommended to keep in a cool place.


Aqua, Polysorbate-20 (Tween 20), Carbomer (Super Gel SK), Ethylhexylglycerin & Phenoxyethanol (Saliguard EHGP), Glycerine, Triethanolamine, Aloe Vera Extract, Perfume Supplement, Dead Sea Minerals, E102 & E133.


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