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How to order an electronic gift card

Electronic gift card (further - Gift card) is an electronic payment method on the site

1) Fill in all the fields on top of the page:
- Value - you can choose any value for the gift card.
- Delivery date - the day when the Gift card will be delivered to the receiver to the email you have provided.
- Sender - Your name that the receiver will see.
- Receiver - recipient’s name that will appear on the gift card.
- Email of the receiver - please make sure that the spelling is correct!
- Personal message - Your congratulations to the recipient.
- Sender’s phone number - Your contact number, just in case.

2) Please check the rightfulness of your spelling in the preview mode - this is how the Gift card will be sent to the recipient.

3) If all of the information on the Gift card is correct, press “Add to cart” - you will be redirected to the cart with the gift card where you can choose either to proceed to checkout or continue shopping. Please note that you cannot edit the gift card after it is added to the cart.

What's next?
The Gift card will be delivered to the recipient’s email on the delivery date that you have chosen. The Gift card is valid for 1 year from the moment of purchase.

- Gift card is an acceptable payment method only on the site;
- enter Gift card number in the cart when making an order to reduce the gift card value from the total amount of the order;
- valid for 1 year from the moment of purchase;
- the whole value of the gift card can be used only one time: if the order amount is more than the value of the gift card - the difference has to be paid additionally, if the order amount is less - the difference will not be refunded;
- the gift card is not subject to return or exchange for cash;
- do not share your gift card number with anyone, the gift card cannot be restored if the number is lost.